We fully trust them and that is why we tell you about the advantages of using our personal identification smart cards, since, for the control of your corporation, small or medium-sized company, keeping an intelligent control of your employees' schedules can give you a idea of their productivity, and thus be able to make decisions based on real data.

1- The company grows and the number of employees also

Your company is doing very well, the pace of sales is increasing and, continually hire new staff to make the company work properly. As good entrepreneurs and business people, we all know that there is a level of production in which, hiring one more person gives us losses, so we must control the productivity of employees and their schedules, so that, comparing them with previous months, see if it compensates us to introduce new personnel. Therefore, if we can save time and headaches in the preparation of schedules and the fulfillment of these without having to do it by hand and "trust" our employees, the better.

2- Control of customer access

Imagine that you have a private club with leisure and sports facilities, with entry barriers where customers pass your member identification card and arrive at the times that customers enter the club, leave, frequency and volume of members what's inside the facilities. Why is this important? Because if we want to sponsor an event and we know that our facilities are full at 7:00 pm, arranging a meeting with companies at that time gives us a plus to be able to convince the supposed sponsors.

3 - Safety is imperative

Controlling employees is not always due to distrust, but also for safety. Workers must feel safe at all times to be more productive, because if, for example, access to an industrial building is as easy as crossing a door without any control or identification, they will always be watching the door, so they will not attend its functions correctly within the company.

4 - Incentives to customers and employees

The control of extra hours carried out by our employees, as well as incentives to the best clients of our paddle club in a simpler and faster way, makes us gain prestige, first, within our own employees, and then with our clients.

5 - Goodbye to paper

The papers can be lost, spoil over time and, if a client or employee gets distracted and takes his physical card, we can not keep track of the time of our business. So, if we want simplicity, speed and good service, with Atecresa it is possible.

We also remind you that we have a support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as providing training to customers on the operation of our systems. The more special features your business has, the more motivated we are to move forward with you.

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