If you are going to open a restaurant, you should have in mind the installation of a point of sale terminal (POS). Why? Basically, because he was born to make your life easier. But we reel it in five points!

  • It helps you to retain

How long have they not put a stamp on a paper carton when you have a coffee? Point cards and loyalty programs go through your point-of-sale system: automatic, fast and efficient.

To affirm this, we rely on the fact that 75% of consumers say they get more involved if they are 'reminded' via email that 'we are there'.

Likewise, the point of sale will remind us of those offers that the customer can access according to their conditions.

  • You will never run out of stock

When a POS is in your life, exhausted products are gone. It will warn you if there are only four sirloins left, if the colas are going to be finished soon or if you can not sell more carbonaras any more.

Esto es posible gracias a la administración de inventarios integrada, que controla el número de ingredientes gastados según cuántos platos hayas vendido. Una alerta te avisará antes de tener que decir ‘NO’ a tu cliente.

  • It helps you maintain prices

Did you know that a Point of Sale terminal helps you calculate the cost of a plate? Progressively controlling how much it costs us something will prevent us from having sharp increases, which is equivalent to not losing customers or alerting them little by little.

  • Control of tastes

When you ask for a report to your terminal, it tells you which are the most sold dishes and which are the least. This will help us plan purchases and not fail.

  • Give your customers facilities

The current terminals are prepared to support mobile and card payments. Giving possibilities to your paying customers will give us more sales options.

Bet on a platform that has all the features you need, bets on an investment that, with certainty, will report benefits.

Bet on innovating before you start!