With rebates around the corner, with shops boiling and customers eager for good prices, we can not forget the quality of service. And, for the consumer, the most important premise is better price, equal service. Because the quality of our service has no discounts, stay prepared!

To begin, make sure you have stock control. You can do this thanks to the alerts that Ategest autonomous provides you. You decide how many are few units to make a new order or withdraw it from the sale. This feature is especially important if you sell online or products in large quantities. Also to know, for example, how many numbers 39 are left of the famous black boots that became fashionable.

Another factor to take into account is the ease with which we have a 'B' price list; that is, two or three price lists with discounts. Activate the one you need at any time without worrying about applying the amount to manually subtract.

In this way, thanks to Ategest, you will avoid human errors by mistake or, simply, by incorrectly manipulating the calculator when work accumulates.

And, if it seems late now, do not worry. It is the perfect moment to take the step, to start with a new company policy that makes life easier for employees and colleagues.

Because it is the perfect time to contact a commercial, do not hesitate to do it as soon as possible! At the end of the day, it is still the most used tpv software in the Canary Islands business!

In Tenerife -> 922 824 810 

On Gran Canaria -> 928 987 101

From wherever you want! -> info@atecresa.com