We have already seen what are the advantages of smart drawers at the security level, and these are the main reasons why at Atecresa we recommend that no entrepreneur should be left without discovering Cashlogy. But it's not just that. Its usability and design are two more attractions to enter the present and continue enjoying our business peacefully. Do you discover it with us?

Easy to use

Thanks to its simple structure, Cashlogy can be used without dedicating too much time to your training. It does not matter if your employee is a lifelong hotel waiter, who has been in the sector for 30 years, since for them it will be even easier than ordinary collection.

The person responsible for the money will feel more secure by not having to monitor the change or the reliability of the tickets, which will allow to show off the best of their smiles to those who have come to enjoy your place.

In addition, this great usability will make the waiters or tellers are receptive to the novelty, since for them it does not mean a drastic change in their day to day.

As an entrepreneur you can decide if you bet on the format attended, unattended or mixed, since, choose the one you choose, your box will be more than square.

Suitable for any surface

Due to its versatility, Cashlogy is not a hindrance or 'armatroste' in any point of sale. This makes it a suitable hardware, practically, for any type of surface.

Its innovative design and its small size are the key so that it does not detract from the harmony of your establishment.

If we add that you will reduce customer service time from 27 to 10 seconds, with an average of four employees and eight hours of work per day, the accounts come out and the time is right!

What else can we ask?