When we talk about small businesses like bakeries or restaurants, coins and bills are the protagonists. Thus, the greater the movement of cash, the more chances of mistakes, mistakes and losses.

To reduce risks and avoid leaks, Cashlogy was born some years ago, a product of Azkoyen that allows us to automate the collection process in a totally reliable way. To this day, we already enjoy your 1500 model, with a more elegant design, faster and easier to maintain.

What do we get with it?

In addition to increasing our productivity by reducing waiting times, with Cashlogy we will achieve greater hygiene, and above all, security.

And is that not stay without change by a mistake will allow you to be at home quiet because your employees do not lack anything. It will also help you to rest, to sleep peacefully, the fact that 100% human errors in the collection processes are eliminated.

So far, with conventional cash registers, we could all be guilty of an error, of a bad refund due to fatigue or, simply, of a badly delivered bill.

With cashlogy everything is easier, and it is your own cash drawer that is responsible for receiving the money and give the correct change.

You will win in Peace and security also because you will know that there will be no fake notes, that they will not strain it nor in the biggest of the collapses, moments in which the swindlers usually take advantage of to give us cat for hare.

What about the difficult access to cash money? For that part, your dream is also guaranteed, since, in the misfortune that we come to steal, they will have very difficult access to it.

For that reason, and for all the extra reasons it offers, it is time to bet on a consolidated, secure product that will not entail a large outlay to the business. Your dream only costs 6 euros a day.