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Bambi Gourmet

Best Foreign Cuisine Award 2018 

XXXIII Gastronomy Awards Newspaper Diary-Special Gilded

«Man, of course I would recommend it! I have recommended it to many people. When I go to a restaurant and I like these people, I see the workers and I tell them: why do not you use this? Of course I recommend it, more than that. "

- Daniel, Manager

Lalo Electronics

«With this new project in Suárez Guerra, we need to look for a reference in the subject of software and applications. We have to grow. (...) We found the Atecresa solution. Behind the program you see a lot of information, a lot of data that does help us make very important decisions. »

- Ramoni H., Manager

The Black Pepper

"We used to manage everything by hand. It was a mess because you lost a lot of time, many orders were lost, the cook did not understand the letter, the rush, that if this, that if the other ... We have taken a giant step and we are very happy. (...) What I liked most was the comfort and also the time saved. I would recommend it 100% »

- Samuel, Co-owner

Tasca La Recycled

"At the beginning I was with the competition of you, but in the end it fell short: I had no comanderos, it was all with the pieces of paper. I have recommended it a lot. "

- Óscar, Manager

El Cine Bar

"The most clumsy in technology in this company is me, and I can assure you that I was left with this in 20 seconds. What it offers you is saving a lot of time. You can believe that it really speeds up and speeds up the work of the waiters. I have different systems in different companies, and why do I have this? Because they are accessible, easy and, above all, very comfortable to drive. »

Miracle parapharmacy

"I had a management system in a jewelry store, but it did not adapt well because it was for very few items, and here, having so many, it was a little short on speed. [Our employees] had doubts at first, as always, but they adapted quite quickly. I would recommend it as I did: have a trial time and be convinced. "

- Sailesh, Manager

Greengrocer The Magical Court

"At first I had doubts due to the high entry price with respect to the competition, but once we saw the functionality of the program, it convinced us. Good service, and when we have had problems they have been there and they have solved it for us. Undoubtedly, the phenomenal product. "

- Alexis, Manager

Silver Sport

"In the beginning, what I did was to look for a serious company. They recommended Atecresa, I started with them, and every day I have seen that there are improvements and it is quite good. (…) I recommend it. I've been with him for 20 years. I have tried to see other programs that have recommended me as fantastic but they are super complicated. "

- Silverio, Manager

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