To choose a good management software, first of all, we must be clear about what a trade management program is, and what advantages it gives us when it comes to working day by day. A simple management program can give us cash data, billing and, with this, we, as owners of an establishment, all the work of inventory management, orders, cash at the end of the day, etc. Another type of software, more complex, is able to warn you when a certain product is running out and which are the ones that we sell the most, besides, with a single button, make the daily box and many more advantages.

After explaining to grosso modo what is a management system, from Atecresa we will give you advice to choose a good software.

1 - Easy data search, learning and trial period

Why do we want powerful software if we then waste valuable time searching for what we want? From Atecresa, we eliminate this problem because, through a training course taught by us and the subsequent trial period, you will quickly learn the tricks so as not to invest a lot of time in managing the business.

2 - Comfortable, with online support and emergency phone

A good software is one that will allow you to save space at the counter, so you have the option to eliminate the use of elements such as the keyboard or mouse and touch the screen directly for any management or continue using them for greater convenience. Atecresa recommends you to trust professionals, that is, to acquire software with telephone and online help when you need it. In addition, we have very simple video tutorials that will help you get the most out of the product and specific manuals by topic.

3 - Adaptable

Within the world of commerce and services, there are at least 30 different types of business, all with their specifications and company policies, so Atecresa recommends that they acquire one that suits their needs, having 15 different keyboards available predefined so that the adaptation is complete. For example, if you have a small family business, software for large corporations would not be useful.

Since Atecresa we are aware that, at the beginning of our entrepreneurial stage, it is very difficult to make investments without the certainty that they will be profitable, therefore, each software package has a trial period of 1 month, totally free and without commitment, for that you can assess the advantages of our programs.

We remind you that the choice of management software is crucial for the organization of the business, since being able to know where the money is going without losing just a few minutes and keeping inventory under control can save us time and make us gain customers and retain loyalty. those we already have.