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Realization of Sales

Realization of Sales

To enter invoices for sale can be done manually in the menu «Ventas» generating a purchase invoice through the tab «Facturas».

For this, we have to leave the menu «Mantenimiento» and, on the main screen, access the menu «Ventas», «Facturas».

Once you are in the menu of «Factura», you have to enter the customer data to which we are going to make the sale. Enter the name of the company, NIF, discounts if any, rate that applies, the form of payment and its treatment.

To the right of the personal data of the client we will note the date of realization of the invoice as the operator that performs the operation.

Once we complete the above information, we will begin to make our sales invoice. For this, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Select the item you want to sell.
  2. Select the warehouse where the merchandise comes from the sale we made.
  3. Select the number of units that we are going to sell.
  4. Indicate the discount that we will make to the client.
  5. Put the tax to which the sold item would be taxed.
  6. Enter the unit price of the item we wish to sell.

After following these steps, the program will automatically calculate the total of the cent invoice. EYE! Once the program calculates the total invoice, remember to enter «ENTER» and then press the button «Finalizar» (key F11). If this last step is not done, the sale will not be registered.

In a similar way, both the delivery notes and the sales orders will be made.