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The tab of «Proveedores» nos permite gestionar los proveedores con los que tengamos relación. Hay que tener en cuenta que la pestaña de «Acreedores» se realizará de manera similar al de la pestaña proveedores.

To create a provider, the button will be «Nuevo» (key F9) and subsequently all the fields in the file have to be filled out. Once the provider is created, the changes must be saved so that they are included in your database.

In the tab «Contactos» We can enter different contacts of the same customer with their respective phone numbers, mobile, fax, email ...

In «Campos adicionales» we can add any personal annotation of the client. These annotations are internal and no one outside the company will have access to said information.

In the countryside «Precios» Y «Cuentas» the transactions and transactions made will be consulted, as well as the prices at which the products were sold. While in the tab of «Filiales»We will find information if our client has different points of sale or warehouses.


Purchase invoices

To register purchase invoices, you can do it manually in the menu «Artículos» (by registering them and manually generating the increase in stock) or by generating a purchase invoice through the menu «Facturas de compra».

For this, we have to leave the menu «Mantenimiento» and in the main screen access to «Otras funciones», «Otros Documentos», «Generar Factura de Compra».

Once you are in the menu of «Generar factura de compra», you have to first select the supplier to whom you are going to make the purchase, by clicking on the button «Proveedor».

Once the supplier has been selected, we must begin to register the purchase invoice. For this, the following steps must be followed:

  • We select the quantity by dialing the number of purchases and then the key «*». This way if we buy 10 items, we will mark «10*».
  • We select the price per unit. For this we key in the price and then «Z» or select the button «Precio Libre». Thus, if the item costs 1.20 € we will press «1.20Z» or «1.20 y Precio Libre».
  • We search for the article by clicking on the button «Buscar artículo».
  • Once the item is entered, we can add a discount. If for example the item has a 10% discount, it will be typed «10» Y «Descuento de Línea».
  • Once the item and / or the discount has been introduced, we assign a tax to that purchase line. If for example you have a 6.5% tax, you will type «6.5» plus the tax line key.
  • Once all the lines are finished, the payment method is chosen and we have finished.