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The program allows management with different operators, in this way you can control not only the sales and operations performed by each employee, but also, you can select which privileges and functions are assigned to each one, showing or hiding different options.

To create an operator you just have to go to the tab «Usuarios» in the top menu of the section «Mantenimiento» and create a new operator (F9 key). Once created, you can assign a password for greater security, or leave it without any and select the group to which it will belong.

Remember that you have to get in touch with Atecresa so that we personalize the accesses you want each group to have.

Shifts are used to manage sales in the different hours or shifts of employees of your company. In addition, for customers with a current contract and Online Support, different prices may be marked for particular shifts of the day.

The management of the different shifts is very simple: you only have to access the tab «Turnos» from the section of «Mantenimiento» and create the turns you want. The only parameter that you have to take into account is clearly delineate the shift with the start and exit times.