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Turn Closing

Turn Closing

The closing of the box must be done to present the "Z" to your advice for tax reasons. In addition, it is recommended to do it to control the cash settlement (optional feature). Let's see step by step how to close a box.

"Close shift" menu

We access the menu «Shift Closing (Z)».

Closing the Turn (Without Arqueo)

In the case of trying to close the shift with tables still open, the POS tells you that there are documents in progress. If you have the option to Close Shift with documents in progress activated, the program will ask you if you want to close the shift with the tables open. In the case of having it deactivated, the program will show you a notice with the text «You can not close the shift with documents in progress ». You can not close the shift with documents in progress; you only have to close all the tables that you have open and the sales ticket in progress and return to the first step of this manual.

The program will take a few seconds to complete the shift closure without cash settlement.