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Tickets design

Tickets design

Below are the steps to follow to design a ticket.

1 - Click on «Other Functions»:

2 - Click on «POS Settings»:

3 - Click on «Configure POS»:

4 - Press again on «Configure POS»:

5 - In the vertical panel that appears to us, which can be on the right side or on the left side of the screen, click on «Print»:

6 - Click on «Ticket Design»:

Here we can fill in all the information that will appear on the ticket that will be delivered to the client.

The main text fields for the design of our ticket are «Annex Header», «Header» and «Foot».

We go to the section that we want to modify and change the text using the keyboard that will come out. Once this is done, click on "Exit" and, when asking if we want to save the changes, press "Yes".

Below you can see an example that indicates where each of the fields is printed physically: