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Menu Functions of the Restaurant

Menu Functions of the Restaurant

In the menu «Functions Restaurant» we have access to the different areas of the premises and through it we will select the table (or bar) where the order will be placed. In addition, it will be in this menu where orders will be processed and printed. "Bill".

We study, then, the functions of each button as well as its particularities:

  • Button «Living room / Terrace / Bar»: These buttons are completely customizable and will be modified based on the location in which the program is installed, identifying the zones that the program has. Once you have customized and defined the name you want to give to each zone, you will also mark the number of tables that each zone has. In the image shown, the room has 10 tables. Clicking on each button shows the different tables in the area, identifying them with a number to each of the tables.

The program interface shows those tables that are open (different color) and also provides information about the table.

Weather: It shows you the time since the table was opened. You can also configure it to show you the time since the last command was made at the table.

Amount: It shows you the total amount of orders at the table.

Waiting for «The account»: If the button has the text «*** PREFACTURA ***» at the bottom it means that the table has requested the account.

  • "Prefacture" button: When the client asks for the account you must give him a ticket in which the ordered items are displayed as well as the price. This ticket has no official nature (it is not yet invoiced since the payment has not yet been made nor is the payment method known). The simplified invoice (formerly known as Purchase Ticket) will be delivered when the payment is made and will be printed automatically by clicking on the «PAYMENT - Cash» or «PAY - Card» button.
  • "Balance Pending" button: Once inside the table and introduced the articles in the program, to give course to this order and that the command is sent to the different departments of the place must be given the button "Balance Pending".