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If you want to keep track of the expirations of your products, you can register items through the menu «Caducidades». To do this, the purchase lots have to be registered and the expiration of the products of said lot must be identified.

High of a Lot

First we enter the tab «Caducidades» from the navigation menu. Once inside click on the button «Nuevo» (key F9) and fill in the fields:

  • Lot number: The name of the batch.
  • Expiration: Article expiration date.
  • Article: We look for the article.
  • Observations: We can add any observation we want.

We have already identified the expiration date of the product. The expiration module serves as an informative mode and will show you those items that you bought that are close to expire. eye! To carry out a total control of the expiration, the sale has to be carried out in batches, identifying the sale of the article with the lot, for this reason, in most cases, this module is used only to facilitate the search for articles that are about to expire and not to keep an exhaustive control of the expirations.