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Ategest has a powerful client manager through which to maintain direct control of these, as well as serve as a CRM module to manage the relationship and contact with its customers.

To enter the menu "Customers" you have to click on the tab "Customers" on the right edge of the screen. Once inside the clients menu we can browse and consult information about each of them, not only general information, but also the transactions and movements made with them.

Create Customers

To create a client, we click on the button "New" (key F9). Once created, we must fill in all the fields with the information referring to the client. To do this, you only have to complete the fields.

In the field "Locality" as well as in "Province" a drop-down will appear with those localities and provinces that are created. In the case of wanting to create a new location, you only have to write it: Ategest will detect that it is in front of a new place and will ask you if you want to create this locality. Once accepted, it is already identified with the client.

In the field «Type of Business» you can select what type of business the customer has through the drop-down. The other fields, «Telephone», «Fax», «Email», ... are informative and in no case are they mandatory.

In the tab «Transactions» we modify the commercial conditions of the client:

  • How are you going to treat the client's payments: promissory notes, credit, credit days ...
  • Which seller is assigned to that customer.
  • You will manage the client's risk. The higher the risk, the less credit available.
  • Commercial discount on invoice of purchases made by the customer.
  • Rate applied to the client. You can have as many rates as the client's types of business.
  • Prices with taxes included: You can break down taxes or included in the PVP ..
  • Do not charge taxes: If the client does not pay taxes for any reason, the taxes will not be charged to the purchases made by the client.

Finally, in the «Observations» tab we can add any personal annotation of the client. These observations are internal and no one outside the company will have access to said information.

In the field "Prices" and "Accounts" the transactions and transactions made will be consulted, as well as the prices at which the products were sold.