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Statistical study

Statistical study

One of the main advantages of our software is that it allows the person in charge of managing the business to have at their fingertips all the necessary information to know the state of the same: the most profitable lines, stocks, sales behaviors ... All types of data that will facilitate decision making.

Para gestionar toda la información del negocio se ha desarrollado el módulo de «Estudio Estadístico», el cual te permitirá consultar el estado de tu negocio y elaborar de una manera sencilla e intuitiva informes personalizados en tu empresa.

To access the statistical study, you have to click on the tab «Estadísticas» from the navigation menu on the right side of the maintenance module.

In the upper part we must define the period from which we want to obtain the information. To do this you have to select the start date and the start date. In this way you can consult the data of a specific period in time. To further refine the search, in the restoration business or in those in which the important thing is not only the date but the closing of cash (if your business is open at 00:00) you can also narrow the search between closures .

In this way, if we want to know the sales of the last week, we will delimit the study from the closing of Sunday (and Monday) to the closing of the following Sunday (also on Monday). This way we will obtain more reliable and accurate data.

To choose the consultation period, in the top menu the dates will be chosen and, subsequently, the closures among which we wish to obtain the information. Once chosen, click on the button «Consultar».

Choose the Information Shown

Select the dates we wish to consult. Different filters have to be applied in which the data you want to display will be chosen. It is simple to make: in the menu we have all the filters that we want to consult, and you only have to mark on the boxes that you want to show and finally give the button «Consultar».

In this way, if we want to see the sales per day and pro family, the fields will be activated «Familia» Y «Día». After giving it to consult, the program will show us the information of the sales of the different families and the days within the selected period. In the image we see how the information is shown by marking the fields «Familia» Y «Día».

Statistical Study Tabs

The statistical study also allows you to consult different documents or movements made. To do this, five tabs have been enabled that show the different movements:

  • Data: It shows you all the business information in an aggregate way.
  • Delivery notes: Only shows the information regarding the delivery notes issued.
  • Facturas: Igual que la pestaña «Albaranes». Sólo muestra los datos de las facturas emitidas.
  • Transactions: Cash inflows and outflows. It shows the different forms of payment, whether cash, card, cash vouchers ...
  • Otros: La pestaña «Otros» mostrará aquellos movimientos de diversa naturaleza no propios de la actividad normal del negocio. Es muy útil para identificar cancelaciones, anulaciones o devoluciones, y de esta manera controlar y vigilar posibles malas prácticas de tu personal.

Other Filters

In addition, the statistical study allows you to apply more filters to your search. These are at the bottom of the tab «Datos», and they allow you to delimit the information even more:

  • Show Components: In the case of performing scandals, the components of the scanned items will be displayed.
  • Warehouse items: It shows you the movements of articles of internal character (warehouse).
  • Invitations: Shows the invitations made within the chosen period. Trick! If you want to know who made these invitations, add the field «Operador» to the query.
  • Returns: Shows the returned items.
  • Fine-tune margins: In cases where the cost of the articles is 0, this information should be used so that the program does not show you unsorted information.

Generate Reports

Once the query is done, the program allows you to generate reports to print, send by email or save it in PDF. To do this, you only have to click with the right button on the information and click on «Informes».

Within the reports menu you can title the report and the report ready to print will automatically appear. To select the information you want to be displayed in the report you can hide the columns you want.

To hide columns there are two ways to do this, or by right-clicking on the report header and "Hide column" or by sliding the right edge of the column to the left until it is hidden. Once we have cleared the columns that you do not want to show, we can generate the report.

Export to Excel

The reports can be exported to Excel (or any other similar program such as OpenOffice or Google Docs) in a simple and fast way. You only have to select the cells you want to export and click on the button «Copiar». Once the program is opened, you only have to paste the data and the data export will be automatically performed.

Generate Graphics

The statistical module also allows to make graphs with the collected data in a simple way. You only have to select those cells with which you want to make the graph and, with the right button, access to «Informes» and later to «Crear Gráfica».

Within the graphics menu you can select the type of graphic you want, selecting 2D or 3D, bar graphs, columns, lines, areas ... and customize it to your liking.