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The last group of articles are families. This set of articles must be more specific than the groups and must be composed of articles of similar characteristics within the same group. So, if we have the group «Wines», the families that we could find ourselves inside would be «Red Wines», «White Wines» or «Canary Wines».

Family Card

To access the families menu we have to find ourselves in the module "Maintenance" and click on the tab «Families». After that, we find the family cards.

The card is composed of: «Toolbar" (standard on all tabs) and the family tab itself. In it we will find the numerical code of the family and its description (name).

We also have a series of values that we can modify and that will affect all the articles that are within that family. What data can we apply to a family?

  • Group: Here we will select which group you want this family to belong to. eye! All families must be linked to a group.
  • Default article: It is the default item of the family. In the TPVs it is not of importance because we will perform the billing by selecting the item directly. It is a proper function of the Cash Registers, so it is better to leave it blank.
  • Tax: We can select the type of tax that all the articles of the family are going to have. eye! If in the family you are going to have articles with a different tax rate, we recommend that you reset it to zero and unmark «Impute the tax on the sale».
  • Serial numbers: If the family items are going to be sold with a serial number, this option must be checked.
  • Expiry dates: If the family items are going to be worked with expiration dates, this option must be checked.
  • Eyelash «Family Items»: This tab is informative and will show you the articles that belong to that family.

Create a New Family

Creating a new family is very simple. You only have to click on the button "New" (F9 key) and fill in the data. Keep in mind that the family code is a suggestion of the program, if you want to have another different coding you just have to change it. As for the group, do not forget to assign the family to the correct group and, finally, save the changes!