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The groups are the largest unit of organization and are composed of different families. Each group will understand a line of business that is sufficiently differentiated in your company. To access the menu «Grupos» you have to click on the tab «Grupos» on the right side of the screen.

Create a Group

To create a new group you have to click on the tab «Grupos» and, later, in the toolbar, click on the button «Nuevo» (key F9). After that, you will find the group template completely empty.

In the group code, enter the number you want the group to have and describe the name of the group. Once you enter the data, click on the button «Guardar» (key F11).

Modify a Group

To modify a group, you must first enter the group you wish to modify. Once in the group tab you just have to change the description and give the key «Guardar» (key F11).

eye! If you want to modify the group code you have to put on the number and modify it, and after that give it to save without pressing Enter, because if you press it, a new group record will open.