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The tax module allows you to control the fiscal part of your business, generate new tax rates and facilitate the link with your tax and accounting advisor.

To access the tax module you have to click on the tab «Impuestos» in the menu on the right in the Maintenance part. Once inside the module, you will be able to generate automatically the different reports that the Treasury will ask you (347 - 425), as well as a breakdown of the closings or the taxes supported and passed on for the period.

Add Taxes

The first thing to keep in mind is that we will have to make this change in all the TPVs that we have. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Access as an administrator user to the sales program, Ategest TPV, and click on the button «Otras Funciones».
  • We press the key «Mantenimiento».
  • We click on «Menú», which is located at the top right (indicated in the red box).
  • Pulsamos en la sección de «Impuestos», en la parte de abajo del menú (indicado en el recuadro rojo).
  • Click on the button «Nuevo» and fill in the data. Then, click on the save key (indicated in the red box).

On the other hand, if what you want to do is modify a tax, in the previous step, instead of giving Save, press on the key of the magnifying glass (key F3).

  • We double click on «IGIC GENERAL 7%». It is possible that the name that appears is not exactly that, but RATE 7% or IMPACT. 7%
  • Now we must modify both the description and the value, so that it is 6.5%. It will remain as we see in the image.
  • Press the save key, and the tax is already changed.