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Business Management Module (Maintenance)

The maintenance module will allow you, as manager of your business, to manage all the main parameters, articles and stock of your business, prices, expirations, users ... and other important data in the day to day of your business.

To access the module "maintenance"You have to click on the tab"maintenance"Which is in the upper left part of the screen.

Once you have accessed the module you will be opened a series of buttons under the navigation tab through which you can navigate through the various menus of the program.

Maintaining a correct structure in the stock of your company is basic to achieve success and manage the day to day of your company in a more comfortable and efficient wayIn addition, an optimal organization will allow you to study the sales statistics in a comfortable and agile way, that is why we recommend carrying out a preliminary study of the products that you are going to market in your business and making a scheme for a correct implementation.