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The suppliers tab allows us to manage the suppliers with which we have a relationship. The use of the providers in Autonomous Ategest TPV will be generic and, therefore, both suppliers and creditors will be in that tab.

To create a supplier or creditor, you have to give the button «Nuevo» (key F9) and subsequently all the fields in the file have to be filled out. Once created, you have to save the changes so that they are included in your database.

Purchase invoices

Para dar de alta facturas de compra, se puede realizar de manera manual en el menú «Artículos» (dándolos de alta y generando de manera manual el incremento de stock) o generando una factura de compra a través del menú «Facturas de Compra».

For this, we have to leave the menu «Mantenimiento» and, on the main screen, access «Otras Funciones», «Otros Documentos» Y «Generar Factura Compra».

Once you are in the menu «Generar factura de compra» You have to first select the supplier to whom you are going to make the purchase by clicking on the button «Proveedor».

Once the provider has been selected, we have to start registering the purchase invoice. For this, the following steps must be followed:

  • We select the quantity by dialing the number of units purchased and then the "*" key. This way if we buy 10 items we will mark "10 *"
  • We select the price per unit, for this type the price and then "Z" or select the "Free Price" button. So if the item costs 1.20 € we will press "1.20 Z" or "1.20 and Free Price".
  • We search for the article by clicking on the "Search article" button.
  • Once the item has been added, we can add a discount, if for example you have a 10% discount, you will type 10 and "Discount line".
  • Once the item and / or the discount has been introduced, we assign a tax to that purchase line, if for example it has a 7% tax, 7 more keys will be typed in the line key.
  • Once all the lines are finished, the payment method is chosen, whether by cash, transfer ...