Six years. They are the ones that point of sale terminals have been growing in Spain. And, today, there are almost two million devices, a new record that exceeds the numbers of 2018.

This is indicated by the data of the Bank of Spain, collected by the agency EFE. Since 2014, the increase in them is 24.5%, and, since 2000, almost one million terminals. It is true that, prior to the crisis, the growth was very high, it is now when the terminals have their peak. It also occurs in Canary Islands, where they are already over 15.000 the customers who trust our tpvs for their businesses.

New scenario

In numbers, from January to March there have been more than 1015 million transactions in POS terminals: a 15.27% more than in the same period of 2018.

The amounts of operations are increasingly large:

Before, in 2008, the amount of 90,000 million euros had been exceeded for the first time, a level that remained until in 2014 the 100,000 million euros in expenses charged by POS were reached, as a result of the recovery.

As indicated “The Economist", According to the total credit and debit cards issued in Spain -more than 85 million-," each of them would have paid in a POS terminal about twelve times in the first quarter of 2019 "

In Atecresa, we work every day so that this figure continues to grow, in order to improve your business, to improve your efficiency, to make you more leader in your sector.