After more than 35 years of experience in the HORECA channel, in Atecresa we believe that we have sufficient maturity to be able to make recommendations that are a guarantee of success for your business. And that happens with MyOrder: we can not resist telling you that he has come, and to stay!

Why should you bet on him? We tell you!

Why should you bet on him? We tell you!

1- Because your customers are increasingly demanding

To more variety in restaurants and bars, more options of choice for the client. This makes them more demanding, looking for an optimal service and a reasonable price. Adapt to your expectations will be the best way to build loyalty, and, reduce your waiting times, is a great asset for it.

2- For its simplicity

In summary, MyOrder is a simple system of commands with which to ask without having to wait for your staff to notice the presence of new clients at the table.

At the click of a mouse, your customer places an order, requests the account or calls the waiter to make an inquiry. As if you were playing or sending a WhatsApp!

3- Because your waiters will thank you

The data speaks for itself: myOrder reduces up to 30% of unnecessary trips and increases service speed by 25%, as well as customer satisfaction by 20%. Less waiting, fewer mistakes: fewer bad faces and problems to solve during the service!

4- Because space counts

Managing large spaces is, at the same time, complicated, sometimes chaotic. MyOrder is ideal for large spaces, with a lot of people and table rotation. It will also be useful if we have delivery service at home, because it is the customer who sends us the orders and our TPV who warns us that someone is eager to receive our star dish.

5- Because it has Atecresa guarantee

And, with tests and changes since 2012, the date on which the system works in beta, we are totally sure that it will be a success in the day to day of your establishment. Variety of languages, a quality technical and commercial service and, above all, our knowledge about the Canarian market.

There are already many companies that have decided to go forward and, today, add commas and smiles.

Are you moving with us? Try it for free for 30 days!