Environmental Policy

The protection of the environment occupies a prominent place within the objectives of the company. ATECRESA has developed, together with the staff of the organization, guidelines for the protection of the environment:

The protection of the environment requires responsible behavior on the part of the entire ATECRESA organization.

The reduction of the environmental impacts generated by the consumption of water and energy, and by the management of waste, is the central task of our policy of environmental protection.

Compliance with legislation and requirements regarding environmental protection is guaranteed in the company's decisions and its application through the measures adopted.

Our commitment to continuous improvement and prevention of pollution is aimed at achieving greater environmental compatibility of the company's activities. For this we take into account reduce waste, conserve resources, avoid pollution and explore opportunities to reuse and recycle waste.

The progressive incorporation of interested parties to our efforts to improve environmental protection is encouraged and strengthened. It is about working with suppliers, third parties, contractors and customers to achieve an environmental improvement throughout the chain.

Willingness to be alert and respond to issues, need knowledge and public concerns and work with other companies, government agencies, associations and institutions in the protection of the environment.

Both the Management and employees of all areas of ATECRESA are responsible for the correct and effective development of environmental guidelines.