In Atecresa we have been worrying about the point of sale of your company since 1982, bringing the latest technology to the Canary Islands and teaching you how to get the best performance. But that is not all. A good product is one that is accompanied by excellent customer service, and in that, we also improve every day.

Therefore, our Technical support is expanding its help channels, with for example the presence of a Questions and tips forum, which you will soon be able to access from .

In this line, and to prevent problems from becoming, we also have Video tutorials, made with the objective of facilitating the management of software and doubts that may arise during its use. Who was going to tell us that 1 minute of Support video could solve the day?

You can also rely on our section of FAQs or frequently asked questions, where we detail questions as usual as Why does my comandero not work? or How to take care of my TV?

Training, the best prevention

And we always say it: the best way to find solutions is to avoid problems. That's why we offer a wide catalog of training, starting by complete manualsboth of Ategest autonomous POS like Ategest Management. In addition, by contacting our professionals, you will have access to basic or advanced topics, according to your needs.

In Atecresa we also have a Repair workshop, in which we guarantee you to look for all possible options to repair your device without going through the peninsula. Because, if we don't find it, it's that you don't have it!

As always, from our website Technical support, you can access the Remote Assistance, where you can create a notice and check what you have open.

If after these steps you still have not found a solution to your problem, our Technical Support will be happy to help you.