Android App designed for technical assistance services. Servigest improves the productivity in mobility and the flow of information with all the personnel of the company.

Download Demo
  • Press the download button
  • The file will be downloaded "App-release.apk"
  • Send the file "app-release.apk" to the Android terminal where you want to install the demo
  • Open the file from your Android terminal
  • If you do not know how to transmit files to your Android device from your computer, it is recommended that you visit this site directly from the Android terminal. In that case, the file will be downloaded into "My Files" on the phone or tablet itself

Characteristics of the application

  • Access to all the information of your tasks and interventions

  • Make the arrangements from your own tablet or smartphone

  • Your SAT team will save a lot of time in calls and trips to the office

  • Error reduction: -75%

  • Service speed: +30%

  • Customer satisfaction: +30%

  • Clients attended / technician: +20%

  • Sales increase: +20%

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