If we talk about Partner TECH we are talking about elegance and innovation at the same time. If we do the tactile Audrey tpv, one of his latest jewels, is to talk about, almost, perfection.

And it is that this model is, as defined by the manufacturer, "the future vision of Partner Tech POS" with complementary style features and innovative design. It is one of the 15.6 "lightest and thinnest terminals in the market today.

This makes it a solution that perfectly combines technology and design, without neglecting the highest quality materials. With all these characteristics, how is it not going to fit into your commercial space?

Internally, we can highlight its Intel Skylake and Intel Kaby Lake processors to choose from, which generate advanced and fast memory and storage options. From the external point of view, we will enjoy up to three screens, merging the employee-client formula. The VESA mounting option allows it to be placed on a pole or wall.

Differentiation, style, class ... and functionality! You wonder, what else could we contribute to Audrey from Atecresa? Well, in addition to our personalized advice and our help so that the adaptation of your business to her is perfect, we offer you 5 years of guarantee.

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