Ategest Autonomous TPV

Total management of your business from the point of sale

Designed to manage the entire point of sale independently.

Ategest Autonomous TPV It becomes a solution to control all the needs of your business, allowing you to manage the entire premises from the same point of sale.

Principal functions

  • Total marketing operation at the point of sale

  • Control of personnel, users and permits

  • Creation and modification of articles

  • Multi-tariff management for different types of customers

  • Escandallos and packs of articles

  • Stocks and inventories

  • Complete sales statistics module

  • Connection with real-time replication technology (Cloud)

  • Link with scales, comanderos, scanners and labelers


Control in real time Sales of all your establishments comfortably from your smartphone or tablet.
Send messages and notifications to your stores from anywhere in the world.

* To use this app it is essential to own the software Ategest Autonomous TPV

Plugins for Ategest

Complement your autonomous Ategest TPV software or Ategest Management with these plugins

  • Parking

    Manage from your POS terminal the vehicle entrances and exits, time and bonuses.

  • Delivery

    It is used for business with delivery.

  • Entry

    Ideal for Ticket Sales.

  • PackingList

    It is a system of packaging of merchandise for wholesalers with lot number.

  • Lot

    It is an old plug-in for the treatment of number of lots. The POS already performs this functionality by itself. However, it could be used for a treatment of specialized lot number.

  • PromoVale

    Creates cash vouchers without having to make a refund. It is used for promotions.

  • Free WIFI

    This plug-in connects with a router to give away a time of wifi for the sale of certain products.

  • Delivery man

    In a home delivery business, it allows you to settle the pending receivables before closing, that is, the money that bikers carry.

  • CargoHab

    Connect with the hotel system to make charges in rooms from the POS.

  • Packing

    The plug-in prints a label with batch number of the last product and selected batch.

  • Endeavor

    It allows to make surcharge calculations that follow one another in a ticket with pawned merchandise and its liquidation.