From Atecresa we have prepared a solution to your company with autoventa. With our remote selling app you can forget about any problem.
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Ategest Cloud BD

We have developed Ategest Cloud DB so that your sales system works without interruptions. It is a real-time replication technology that allows your point of sale terminals to work autonomously, synchronizing their data with the database in real time.

In addition, this synchronization allows you to comfortably connect your physical store with your online store.


  • Access your information from anywhere

  • Connect your physical store with your online store

  • No more data loss

  • Works offline and autonomously


We have developed Autoventa thinking about those companies that are always on the move. Your commercials will have a complete tool that will speed up their sales.


  • Work anywhere

  • Orders management

  • New customer registrations

  • Making delivery notes

  • Collection management

  • Manage the traceability of products

  • Generates settlements at the end of the day

  • Access the sales history

  • Print tickets with a wireless printer or send the data to another place

Ategest Management

This is our main program. It is a business management software developed entirely by us.
It is oriented to businesses with several points of sale that want to centralize all your information, and adapts to your needs whether you are a seller, distributor or wholesaler.
In addition, thanks to our online replication technology, you will always have all your information available in real time in any terminal.

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  • Very customizable and scalable

  • Thorough control of the stock

  • Control of customers and suppliers

  • Complete statistical study

  • Management of discounts and rates

  • Functions by business sector

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