We started the year 2018 with great enthusiasm, with the desire to continue working so that Canarian companies improve their service, their quality and, therefore, their sales.

We know that the workload received by a business manager is very high, since, apart from the daily work, we add the box to the end of the day, the orders, inventories, contacts with customers and many Worries more, time does not give so much "trot". We also know that, if we get saturated, the quality of customer service is lower, so you may feel bad and not return to business even if we have the best prices and products that are not exclusive to us, so the competition would win us the game always.

That's why we have, for each type of business, management software adaptable to your needs.

An example would be the Pack Restoration Plus, where the pack includes:

MyGest, the comandero so that your waiters take orders and send them to the POS.

MyKitchen, the kitchen table to see the orders and warn when the dishes are ready.

What advantages will we have?

The advantages of saving on unnecessary trips to the kitchen to know if the dishes are ready, to be able to serve more people at the same time, that no client feels ignored if we take a long time to go to his table for different reasons, having the box controlled only by squeezing a button to provide us with the daily summary and much more. But the main advantage is the total control of what happens in the establishment, without escaping an order or a command.

We also have the Balance Pack, special for greengrocers and businesses that require food weighing, but this we talk about in the next blog post.

We remind you that you can ask us any questions without commitment and receive a training about the product.

In our YouT channelube You will find some videos with the user experience in detail.