Plugins for Ategest

Complement your autonomous Ategest TPV software or Ategest Management with these plugins

  • Parking

    Manage from your POS terminal the vehicle entrances and exits, time and bonuses.

  • Delivery

    It is used for business with delivery.

  • Entry

    Ideal for Ticket Sales.

  • PackingList

    It is a system of packaging of merchandise for wholesalers with lot number.

  • Lot

    It is an old plug-in for the treatment of number of lots. The POS already performs this functionality by itself. However, it could be used for a treatment of specialized lot number.

  • PromoVale

    Creates cash vouchers without having to make a refund. It is used for promotions.

  • Free WIFI

    This plug-in connects with a router to give away a time of wifi for the sale of certain products.

  • Delivery man

    In a home delivery business, it allows you to settle the pending receivables before closing, that is, the money that bikers carry.

  • CargoHab

    Connect with the hotel system to make charges in rooms from the POS.

  • Packing

    The plug-in prints a label with batch number of the last product and selected batch.

  • Endeavor

    It allows to make surcharge calculations that follow one another in a ticket with pawned merchandise and its liquidation.