Our customers and distributors know that we are always innovating softwares and improving in terms of customer service, comprehensive advice to companies, new products and better services.

Now it will not be less, so we will present the new products of the Kiosk Partner family.

What does it consist of and what advantages does it have?

It is very simple, we can have integrated the software MyQRmenu (letter) and MyOrder (letter and self-order), in a modern digital lectern, with what potential customers can view our letter in several languages and in an attractive way.

One of the advantages is that you can provide at the entrance of the establishment, a visualized system tailored to each client. Looking to the tourist and the consumer of our products, it is an advantage that they see an adaptation to the new times and a service that works correctly.

Another advantage is that, the client that is already inside, sees that we are waiting for his service and not to fill the restaurant "at all costs".

By being compatible with MyOrder, the customer has the possibility to place their order from their mobile device, without waiting for the waiter, which speeds up the service, both for customers who already enjoy their service, and for new ones that enter .

There are studies that show that, configuring the promotions of those dishes that you want to take out that day, your sale triples.

It also improves up to 50% customer satisfaction, since many do not like to wait and a machine is impossible to have "a bad day."

If a client does not have time, being able to order a command in 30 seconds prevents him from waiting and not enjoying his short stay.

A Kiosc Partner can be manipulated from the mobile phone, which lightens the queues that can form around the kiosk and also frees an employee to perform the collection work, so you can take care of collecting the table faster, serve a drink or order a change in kitchen.

Bearing in mind that, if the majority of clients arrive at the same time and almost all of them leave together, being able to speed up this task is extremely important.

For example, imagine that you have a restaurant and a couple enters, you have two free tables and you set them at the back of the dining room. When they sit down and start to choose what to drink, you go back to the bar and, on the way, they ask you for one more round of drinks on one table and a little more of the aioli on another. In what you prepare the round spend three minutes (if the table is medium), in the kitchen they give you the bowl with the aioli. You take the round, you serve it and they make a comment about the food, so you can not leave. So you lose a little more time (1 minute) and those of the aioli tell you how good it is, asking if it has something special. As a good waiter, you explain it to him and it takes another two minutes, so if we do accounts, it takes about 7 minutes without attending the new table, and they are getting desperate because they have nothing on the table.

Can we improve these situations in specific hours? The answer is yes, and we are here to advise you, as well as give you tools so that this does not happen.

Here we leave a link to a video explaining how it works.

Ready to innovate?