After more than 35 years of experience in the Canary Islands, at Atecresa we firmly believe that the time has come to offer our know-how beyond our territorial comfort zone. Therefore, the leadership achieved thanks to the commendable work of our team, skips our borders and begins to build productive and more competitive businesses around the world.

And, with more than 15 million tourists per year in our islands, we have learned and improved the quality of our products and services. It is the high experience in a mature market that allows us to offer quality, support and innovations without equal. For this reason, Atecresa grows and appears in more and more countries and markets.

We are aware that the expansion is not easy, but we have the best for it. Currently, some distributors in Africa and the peninsula already work our products successfully.

It is the demand in the domestic and foreign market that leads us to look for more distributors who have ambition and desire to bet on a mature product with guarantees. Your mission will be to market, advise on the details of our products and perform support and support tasks.

Great margins will accompany you along the way, the guarantee of a brand that has been providing solutions since 1982 and the expert support of our Training Department and SAT. Betting on Atecresa you will be distributing a leading brand, with multisectorial and scalable software and a clear international expansion.

Do not miss the opportunity to get on the winning car; We will be happy to give you more information.