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7 razones por las que hacerte distribuidor

  • Leader in a world tourism power

Founded in 1982, Atecresa is the leader in management software in a world tourism power: Canarias (Spain) receives more than 13 million tourists per year of all nationalities and particularities of consumption.

  • The most competitive offer

Better margins, prices and agility with total freedom of choice of hardware, accessories and spare parts.

  • Custom development and innovation

We listen to our customers and distributors to improve and innovate in software, plugins and apps.

  • Multi-sector software

Restoration, Commerce, Business Management ... Pre-defined and customizable keyboards for each type of business.

  • Cloud Computing

Backup copies locally and in the cloud, synchronized in real time. Integration with other software.

  • Multilevel and multichannel support

Support N1, N2 and N3: Online manuals, video tutorials, connection through Teamviewer, training sessions ...

  • A fantastic support team!

An enthusiastic team with a solid experience as a leader in a world tourism power.

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