If we tell you UP810F it may seem, a priori, a heavy coding, long and meaningless. What you do not know is that, in those six digits, the future of your company is enclosed.

Because, if you are looking for flexibility, you have found it! UP-810F combines a reliable and powerful hardware with a screen that will delight workers. Its tactile keyboard makes its use easy and intuitive.

With this we get in a quick way to reduce the percentage of error when typing, as well as to introduce large sequences. Improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction

If you have a restaurant, you need it! , because it has such useful functions as the customizable menu of keys or the separation of accounts, that habitual dilemma of the waiters, as well as to include the tastes of specific clients.

From the cash register you can also extract detailed reports that will allow you to analyze the activity of your employees, the operation of your products or the good track record of your sales.

As always, at Atecresa we will be happy to inform you if this is the register you need or, on the contrary, we can offer you another customized terminal.