The management team of Atecresa has had the good fortune to come, one more year, to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There, in addition to knowing the latest trends, we were able to venture into this future so close that technology brings us.

Today we want to share with our clients, readers and supporters some images and anecdotes of the recognized event. And not everything was mobile in Barcelona, what a pleasure to attend live the changes of the digital revolution!

For example, we could see Sony's transparent headphones, taken, practically, from a science fiction movie. Also a projector capable of converting a table into a touch screen, or a 256GB hard drive for the iPhone. Amazing!.

We share with you some of the images taken by José Igareta Fernandez, our CEO. We invite you, as well, to share your images, comments or opinions if you have been or read about the congress. You dare?