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Touch TPV

Partner Audrey

Designed with the latest technology

- Designed with a vision of the future
- Innovative design
- The lightest and finest catalog
- HD 15 "LCD screen (1920 × 1080)
- Intel Core i5 processor
- Without noises
- Up to 32GB of RAM
- Support for 3 independent monitors
- Definitely an investment for the future

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Partner SP-635

Economical but effective POS solution

- High performance smart TPV
- 15 "TFT-LCD screen
- 4GB of RAM
- Modular and flexible design
- Support for second monitor
- Resistant to splashes and dust
- Low consumption

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Partner SP-550

The elegant and economical solution
- Combines flexibility with elegance
- Post or wall mounting
- 15 "Multi Touch LED display
- Large number of external connections (includes USB 3.0)
- Support for second monitor
- Resistant to splashes and dust

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Partner SP-850

Elegance and power in the same POS
- Elegant and robust aluminum body
- Flexible modular design
- 15 "TFT-LCD screen
- 8GB of RAM
- Screen resistant to liquids and dust
- Low consumption
- Support for second monitor

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Partner SP-3500

The POS that is more adaptable to your space
- Foldable design
- Screen size to choose between 11 "or 15"
- 8GB of RAM
- Support for second monitor
- Wide range of peripherals thanks to the USB 3.0 connection
- Screen resistant to liquids and dust

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Partner SP-5514

The most modern and flexible economic option
- 14 "TFT-LCD screen
- 8GB of RAM
- Wide range of peripherals thanks to its USB 3.0 connection
- Support for second monitor
- Screen resistant to liquids and dust
- High speed SSD hard disk

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The TPV Touch TPV solution
- Elegant and innovative design
- Reinforced aluminum housing
- 15 "screen
- Screen resistant to liquids, grease, dust ...
- The best investment you can make with your business

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Mobile Solutions

Partner OT-310

Android terminal multifunction

- Android OS
- WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS
- MSR reader, barcode, NFC, RFID, IC card
- 5 MP camera, LED flash
- Replaceable battery
- Sunlight readable touch screen
- Resistant drops up to 1.5 m

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Partner MT-6620

Robust and very adaptable

- Robust notebook with IP65
- Windows 10 IOT, 64-bit
- High brightness sun-readable display
- High resistance glass touch panel
- 5000mAh removable battery

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Pda TLM TX-65

Scanner y cuna cargadora incluída

– Incluye cuna y escáner 1D/2D
– IP65: contra polvo y líquidos
– Win 10, 2Gb+32Gb ampliable
– PDA 6″, 720×1280
– Cámara frontal/trasera, 5/8 mpx
– Dual wifi / BT4,0 / NFC
– Bateria 3.7V/5000mAh
– Soporta caídas +1 metro

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Pda TLM XT-95

PDA Android rugerizado
- Very robust laptop, IP68
- Android 8.1
– Pantalla 5″ de alto brillo legible a sol
- High resistance glass touch panel
– Cámara frontal y trasera, 5 y 8 mpx
- Includes NFC and fingerprint
– Altavoz: 2035 box loudspeaker
- Supports falls + 1m

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EM-300 Partner

The technology of a business tablet
- Elegant, compact and robust
- Windows 8.1 Pro Retail, Win 10 IoT Enterprise
- 10.1 ”high brightness sun-readable display
- High resistance glass touch panel
- 7.4V Li-ion battery, 4000mAh
- Falls up to 1m, IP65

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Printer STAR DP-8340

Only technical service and spare parts in Tenerife

- Compact and versatile
- Serves for listings and receipts
- Portable, ready for autoventa and distributors
- Up to 2 lines per second
- Prints in black and red
- 114mm paper width
- We are the only company on the island that offers technical service and official printer spare parts

Digital Screens


The thinnest wall screen
- Size 55 "
- LED lighting
- Elegant bezel-free design (without borders)
- Full HD Resolution 1980 x 1080
- Multiple connection ports: DVI, RCA, 3.5 mm audio, HDMI ...


Ultra wide screen

- Bar type screen
- Diagonal of 27.6 "
- LED Edge Lighting
- High brightness of 1000 nits
- Can be placed vertically


Smart screen with Android system

- 49 "diagonal
- LED Edge Lighting
- Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
- External connections of all kinds
- Android operating system


4K definition for your business

- Large 55 "diagonal display
- LED lighting
- Amazing 4K resolution (3840 x 2160)
- Different external connections
- Android operating system


Giant screen in 4K definition

- Huge size of 86 "diagonal
- LED lighting
- Definition 4K (3840 x 2160)
- Android operating system
- External connections of all kinds


Interactive touch screen for your customers

- 49 "diagonal touch screen
- Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080
- Up to 10 simultaneous touch points
- External connections of all kinds
- Makes the experience of your customers much more attractive

Do you want more? Click on the image and consult the catalog with the full screen offer and all its features.

Accessories for your POS

Cashlogy POS1500

Optimize cash flow

- Automate and optimize the management
- Forget about matching the box. Cashlogy does it for you
- Prevents access to unauthorized personnel
- Secure your establishment
- Increase your benefits from the first day

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32 'touch kitchen screen

Manage your dishes perfectly

- 32 inch size
- Fine aluminum touch panel
- Amazing resolution of 1920 x 1080 px
- 4GB DDR3 RAM memory expandable

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12 'Customer Touch Viewer

Interact with your customers

- Compact, small and light
- Stylized and multifunctional
- Wide screen of 1024 × 768
- Resistant to moisture and dirt
- Digital signature, advertising viewer ... The limit is set by your imagination

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10 'customer viewer

Smart screen with 16 million colors

- 10 "Bezelfree Monitor
- Resists moisture and dirt
- USB interface to show video
- Low consumption screen

Data sheet

Client viewer CD-7220

High quality telescope
- Fluorescent viewfinder
- 270º rotation
- 2-line screen
- 20 characters per line
- Adjustable height
- RS232 and USB interface

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Table scanner

Fixed multi-line tabletop scanner

- High insertion speed of articles
- 6 directional scanning points
- Scan codes of up to 24 lines
- 2,000 scans per second
- Automatic switching off and on
- Scan angle of 102º

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Laser scanner

The most profitable solution in the market

- Gun style handling
- Supports 1D and 2D bar codes
- Reading depth of up to 440mm
- 200 scans per second
- Stores up to 30,000 bar codes

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RP-100 Thermal Printer

The most versatile printer

- Quick printing
- Oriented to Commerce and Restoration
- Paper from 58 to 80 mm wide
- 230 mm / second printing speed
- Absolute flexibility
- Grayscale printing for the highest quality

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Coin drawer

Your safe and protected money
- Secure your cash
- 8 compartments for coins
- 4 compartments for bills
- Two security keys
- Connected to the printer
- Available in various colors

Accessories for your VECTRON POS

We are Official Distributor and Workshop of VECTRON

Vectron MobileApp

Innovation for your establishment
- Very easy to handle
- All the comfort of a mobile POS
- Can be integrated into existing facilities
- You only need a WiFi local network


Run less, earn more
- Perfectly valid mobile terminal
- It is used with only one hand
- Water and dust proof
- Color touch screen with incredible contrast
- Replacement battery
- Wide range of accessories

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VECTRON Clients Display C75

Automate the offer of additional products
- 7 "TFT-LCD screen
- Resolution of 800 × 480
- Shows images and tickets simultaneously
- Control from the terminal
- Slide show for advertising

Data sheet

VECTRON Clients Display C100

Adapt advertising to customer orders
- 10 "TFT-LCD screen
- Resolution of 800 × 600
- Shows images and tickets simultaneously
- Control from the terminal
- Slide show for advertising

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Reports on mobility and customer loyalty
- Find out what happens in your branches at all times
- Increase the number of regular customers of your business
- Get more sales volume
- Create selective promotional campaigns

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The TPV Touch TPV solution

- Elegant and innovative design
- Reinforced aluminum housing
- 15 "screen
- Screen resistant to liquids, grease, dust ...
- The best investment you can make with your business

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Scales and Scales

Magriña Eco Mars Print

Print your tickets directly

- Totally autonomous balance
- Built-in ticket printer
- 15kg maximum weight
- 2,000 PLU's
- Highly portable equipment, ready to work

Data sheet

Magriña Eco Marte Label

For businesses with remote weighing and sale point

- Totally autonomous balance
- Built-in adhesive label printer
- Low power consumption
- High contrast LCD screen
- Up to 4 different sellers

Data sheet

Magriña K-Scale

The most complete balance

- The most complete balance in the catalog
- It works as a fully autonomous TPV
- 15 "touch screen for the customer
- Design the templates of your tickets
- Accessible from any mobile device

Data sheet

Magriña Jupiter 22v10

Hanging scale with panel

- Hanging scale
- Built-in thermal printer
- Interconnection of up to 10 teams
- Up to 10,000 tickets
- 10,000 different items

Data sheet

Gram S5i

For hygienic food environments

- Hygienic design with AISI stainless steel
- Easy to clean
- IP-65 protection against dust and liquids
- Configure ticket printing
- Direct connection with Ategest

Data sheet


The SUV for your business

- Electronic indicator in two positions
- Normal and fixed tare
- Security: Lockable keyboard
- Keeps the last weighing displayed
- Compatible with printers and wireless display
- Communication with Ategest

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Cash registers

We are an official SHARP Distributor and Workshop

Sharp XE-A137

The most basic SHARP range

- For businesses that want to make a small investment
- 8 departments
- Integrated coin holder
- Daily sales reports
- LED display illuminated
- Paper saving mode

Data sheet

Sharp XE-A207

The professional and simple solution

- 99 departments
- 2,000 sale items
- 16 customizable key accesses
- Exportable sales reports
- Multi-line LED display
- Paper saving mode

Data sheet

Sharp XE-A217

The most complete mid-range box

- 99 departments
- 2,000 sale items
- Customizable flat keyboard
- Exportable sales reports
- Multi-line LED display
- Paper saving mode

Data sheet

Personal identification

Digital fingerprint reader

# 1, Fingerprint Verification Competition

- Automatic sensor activation
- USB 2.0 plug and play
- Two Hamster II can be connected per PC
- Excellent hardness optics, 7 Moh
- Includes eNDess security software
- High quality image capture
- Powerful for wet / dry fingers

TR-ISO4102C card

100% customizable

- White ISO card
- 125 KHz chip
- Read only
- 100% customizable format for your company

Desktop reader GT-PRC330AU

- Reader with fixed RFID
- Small size
- For cards with a chip of 125 KHz
- Very versatile
- Plug N Play: ready to use from minute 0
- No need to install any driver

Reader / Writer GT-GPW10-ENC

Create customer and personal cards

- RFID transponder recorder
- Generate automatic IDs
- Serial interface (RS232)
- Can copy transponders
- Compatible with 125 KHz chips

TR-WR8816BKEM watch

A discreet clock

- Transponder in clock format
- Chips in 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz
- Reading distance of 70 mm
- Diameter of 41 mm / Width of 3.6 mm
- ABS + PVC material
- Available in various colors

Bracelet TR-SB002EMK

Black bracelet

- Transponder in bracelet format
- 125 KHz chip
- Black color

Bracelet TR-WRSL-BL

EM silicone bracelet

- Transponder in bracelet format
- Material silicone EM
- Available in several colors: black, red, green, yellow, blue, orange and purple

Keychain TR-XYBKEM4100

With your key you will not lose it

- Transponder in keychain format
- Read only chip
- Different chips of 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz
- Reading distance of 70 mm
- Available in various sizes upon request
- Available in various colors

Labeling machines

Godex GE300

Basic and professional labeller

- Compact and simple
- Autocutter
- USB 2.0 connection
- Resolution of 208dpi
- Speed of 102mm / s
- Includes label design software

Godex G500

Double labels, maximum information
- High quality printing
- Optional stand for rolls of labels up to 300 meters
- Autocutter
- USB 2.0, serial and parallel connection
- Double print head for complex labels
- Includes label design software

Godex EZ1300Pi

Autonomous and portable labeller
- Great print quality (300dpi)
- Connection with keyboard
- Completely autonomous and portable
- LCD screen
- Speed of 100 mm / s
- USB, Serial DB9 and Ethernet connection

Consumables for POS

White thermal paper

Professional sales tickets

- Compatible with thermal ticket printers
- Print your business logo
- High resolution
- Available in boxes or individually
- Check our delivery service at the point of sale!

Thermal paper orange / blue

Provide color to your sales tickets

- Bring a different touch to your business
- Available colors: Orange and Blue
- Size 80x80mm
- Differ from the competition
- Very useful for the management of orders to kitchen or bar

Thermal paper several sizes

For all types of printers

- Choose the paper that best suits your team
- A wide catalog of sizes and types of paper is available
- We service all the machines in the market

Labels of various sizes

All the formats for your labels

- We have the labels that your business needs
- All market sizes
- Thermal or adhesive format
- Get in touch with us to get your format