We spent the days with a Smartphone in hand. We arrive home and, if we do not turn on the TV, it is because we have taken the Tablet. We live in technology and, however, when attending our businesses, we often do our best to put it aside.

In Atecresa we consider that every technological step that your company takes is to save, and not to spend unnecessarily, as many consider.

We give you five reasons why investing in technology ceases to be an option and becomes a Competitive Advantage:

1-      Cost reduction

Because time is money and with technology we save a lot. Each time you choose a technological device for your greengrocer or restaurant you will be saving in efficiency. A smart drawer that counts bills and coins is capable of eliminating cash errors; therefore, for example in this case, you are already avoiding unnecessary leaks.

2-      Differentiation from your competitors

Your competition prepares dishes similar to yours, not far in price and, on Sundays, the two fight to know who serves more services. If you have technologies like MyGest (comandero) or MyOrder (self-ordered), you're already winning.

You will not have errors in commands, the service will be much faster and your waiters will have more time to worry about the welfare of your guests, improve satisfaction and retain them.

3-      Improvement in the sales process

Technology, by definition, usually comes with automated and standardized systems. With it, and almost without wanting it, a natural and almost unique way of working will be defined in your establishment. This will avoid variations in work protocols between different workers, and will achieve a professional image and a stable quality.

4-      Time saving

The modern POS that we offer you in Atecresa make inventory, they fit the box and even the promotions apply if you have programmed it, among many other tasks. If your day to day you eliminate only these three, how much time are you saving?

5-      Increase in security

When you add the machine, you avoid mistakes; when it returns the drawer, too. If the box is fixed by the tpv, you also stop making mistakes, and if they come to steal you and you can not open it, you save many problems.

Remove problems is to increase security. Increase security is sleep in peace.

Do you need more reasons to take the technological step that your company screams for?