Restaurants, bars and cafeterias are experiencing a progressive change in their work methodology. If it is true that there are still many typical traditional establishments, we must not ignore the capacity of other businesses that, through technological investment, reinvent themselves and improve work efficiency. Today we are going to discuss several issues regarding high technology, robotics and others, which is being used in different establishments in the hospitality sector.

The implementation of technology, according to various studies, can cover up to 75% of the tasks performed by people, but this does not mean that you have to lose 3 out of 4 jobs, but what a worker does, helped by a robot, it is more efficient and, therefore, more time is gained than if the task is carried out by two people. In short: no less workers, but more time to serve the customer well.

Many workers may be concerned about the continued innovation in robotics and machinery capable of replacing certain automatic tasks, but the truth is that the personalization of services is on the rise. Most of the clients prefer a personalized attention, resolving their particular demands and receiving a real deal.

Taking as a reference the economic data, for example, of the Canary Islands, for the standard of living that we have, it is very unlikely that an establishment will invest 35 thousand euros in the making of a robotic arm that, for example, clean tables, copper comandadas, make coffees, etc.

Do not forget that robotics are programmed and do not reflect emotions like people. If for example, as a barista, a customer asks you for the same type of coffee every day, since you enter through the door you can be preparing it. This attention to detail is paramount to customer loyalty.

A problem that can occur in the replacement of robots by waiters is given in terms of travel through the premises. An unforeseen obstacle, a running child, the spilling of liquids or other elements of the service, can cause more inconveniences than advantages.

Therefore, our commitment to technology is firm. The awareness of what the client needs, too.