MentorDay It is already known worldwide. In this space and since 4 years, many entrepreneurs who need a push to know their ideas or startups in order to improve them.

Likewise, MentorDay it is still an agency and, as such, it is very well valued, both at a national level, being the best positioned ranking national, according to a study by the Savings Banks Foundation, as worldwide, placing it in third place.

We, as Atecresa, the Canarian leader in POS software and business management for SMEs, be integrated into a recognized technological space at high levels, is a source of pride and, therefore, reason for great satisfaction.

How are we integrated in this space?

The management of the cafeteria MentorDay uses our technology so that detail is not escaped, making the hospitality importance and renewed in all ways.

We remember that, with Atecresa, and the different software and hardware that we have available for our clients, the collection times to the consumer are reduced, the efficiency of the personnel of bar and room is maximized, the errors are minimized at the time of collecting the orders , orders are not misplaced, a rigorous order is carried out and, above all, when making the cash closures, with the push of a button, the requested management is obtained.

Attend and MentorDay hand in the innovation and business technology!