When Carnival dates are approaching and we enter the end of the first quarter of this 2019, it is worth to put in value the data that the year is throwing at us. And, although numbers are important in every business, consumer behavior and trends are essential.

Therefore, we wanted to collect statements from various studies that lead us to consider the need to implement technology in our stores and restaurants.

According to the affiliate network of Expedia, "discounts and coupons became the best tactic to boost loyalty, affirming 61% of consumers who use them"

This, a great source of fidelity, we can apply it thanks to TPVs that incorporate them into their database; that is, if your coupon gives away a Coca Cola from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, the system will automatically deduct it from the account, avoiding problems with customers due to human errors.

In this line, 77% of consumers, according to Retail Me Not, affirms that discounts can influence the place where they buy, and 48% assure that they can accelerate the decision-making process.

Quality vs price

But even if we worry about discounts, quality still prevails for 53% of consumers, according to First Insight data. ». This means that, while attractive prices can help us achieve more sales, taking care of our work from manufacturing to after-sales will be the best guarantee of our success.

And, once the client is in our hands, it's time to build loyalty. In our day to day, present in your life, with optimal attention every time you come to see us and, if we can, offering an app of the brand: 76% say they download those of which they are loyal (Willow Tree )!